• 05-16-2012
    I flew to the Midwest to visit my little brother, Fred, one of the top spine surgeons in the United States. Fred picked me up at the airport and told me he either could drop me off at his home to visit with his wife and their kids, or I could go with him to the Children's Hospital, where he'd just been called in for an emergency procedure. He would outfit me as a medical student and I could watch him perform the surgery. "Are you kidding? Let's go!" I agreed excitedly. Without stopping to think about what I was going to see. Wearing blue scrubs, booties, cap and mask, I stood by Fred along side a gurney while he talked to the...

Two events in Miami FL area

St. Gregory (Plantation FL) - 2/14/14
AFTER DIVORCE - Finding Love That Lasts
For the separated & divorced
St. Patrick's 
(Miami) -2/15/14
CDSG Leader Training - 6 hrs
  For facilitators
            To register call 305.762.1140

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CoverPersonality smPersonality PLUS at Work
Is it pop-psychology? Is it a demeaning label? Does it reduce the unique human person to a category? NO! Those are myths and misundertstandings of one of the MOST POWERFUL GIFTS God gave you: your natural temperament.  It's how you see and respond to the world; it's your built-in set of strengths for succeeding at home, at work, and in LOVE. This fun mix of fact (timeless truth) and fiction (Rose and Florence teaching funny fictional characters) includes a Personality Inventory! arrow CLICK HERE TO BUY


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