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gospel of john 1Jesus said, “I am The Way…” but we don't always trust him. So we run our relationships on our own, relegating religion to Sunday mornings. Looking at the high rates of divorce and other marriage and family misery, clearly that doesn’t work. If you struggle with someone at home, work, school, or in the community—and are angry, exhausted, or depressed because of it—then do what does work: 
Put your Religion in your Relationships! 
             I’ll show you The Way

"Put Your Religion in Your
Relationships . . . In Rome!"
October 6- 16 2015

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CoverPersonality smPersonality PLUS at Work
Is it pop-psychology? Is it a demeaning label? Does it reduce the unique human person to a category? NO! Those are myths and misundertstandings of one of the MOST POWERFUL GIFTS God gave you: your natural temperament.  It's how you see and respond to the world; it's your built-in set of strengths for succeeding at home, at work, and in LOVE. This fun mix of fact (timeless truth) and fiction (Rose and Florence teaching funny fictional characters) includes a Personality Inventory! arrow CLICK HERE TO BUY

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